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riding treks, horse trekking, horseback vacations
Icelandic Horse World Riding Packages and Rates Location and Directions

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How to get to Icelandic Horse World

Guests can fly to the nearest airport: Kelowna International Airport. Main connecting airports to get to Kelowna are: Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto in Canada, and also Seattle Airport in Washington, USA. Airlines with regular flights to Kelowna include WestJet, Alaska Air, and Air Canada.

The airport shuttle company Let’s Go can take you from the Kelowna airport to the nearby city of Vernon, where we will pick you up! We are about a 30 minute drive outside of Vernon.

Airport Shuttle Website

There is also the option for guests to rent a car from Kelowna or other main, nearby airport (Vancouver, Calgary, or Seattle). The drive to Vernon from any of these locations is very scenic!

From Vancouver: 5 hours and is 441 km (274 mi)
With this drive you get to see the rainforests and mountains of the coast, alpine forests (if you take the Coquihala), and also the transition from these forests into the semi-arid region of the Okanagan, where we have huge ponderosa pine and Douglas fir stands of trees.

From Seattle: 6 hours, 18 minutes and 552 kilometers (343 miles)
This journey will take you from the lush rainforests of the coast up into the semi-arid region of the Okanagan. Here you will see the many orchards, wineries, and other agriculture that are central to our way of life here!

From Calgary: 6 hours, 35 minutes and 568 kilometers (353 miles)
With this route you drive over the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and it’s stunning. Take this route to be rewarded with jaw-dropping scenery and quaint mountain towns!

If you do a search on Google for “How far from *Vancouver* to 442 Six Mile Creek Rd. Vernon, BC” – You will get a map indicating route, distance, and timeline. Also you can always feel free to ask us for help!

Directions from the Kelowna International Airport:
  1. Turn right at HWY 97 when leaving the airport (48.1 km)
  2. A couple of kilometres after Vernon, take the ramp to HWY 97 (0.4 km)
  3. Turn left at HWY 97 (5.6 km)
  4. Turn left at Westside Rd (13.6 km)
  5. Turn right at Six Mile Creek Rd by the Little Kingdom corner store (6.4 km)
  6. After you cross a cattle guard, turn left at Icelandic Horse World (Fitjaymri Icelandic Horses sign)
Google Maps

442 Six Mile Creek Road
Vernon, BC
V1H 2H1, Canada

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